The Works as of May 2016

This is the placard memorializing the rebuild of the dam and forebay in 1955.


This is looking down though the steel grating to the riverside penstock gate.


Here the gate armature passes through the steel grating.


Here are the 3 reduction gear gate mechanisms. The steel grating is 20′ over the forebay floor.

Pownal Dam 5.5.12 026

Side view of the penstock gate mechanisms


Looking downstream at the headgates from the log boom.


View of the backside of the log boom.

Pownal Dam 5.5.12 027

View of the dam from the log diversion boom.

Pownal Dam 5.5.12 034

The cylinder in the middle is the top of the pressure case for the Rodney Hunt Type 80.


Here we see the speed increaser with the turbine gate controls (green) and the switchgear in the background.



Here is an images of the riverside penstock taken from the downstream end looking upstream 129 feet. The square of light is the pressure relief pad for the penstock gate.


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