Pownal Tannery Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Pownal Tannery Hydroelectric Power Plant is located at a dam on the Hoosic River, East of Furlong Road, in North Pownal, Vermont in the County of Bennington.

The site has gone through many transformations. An eighteenth-century grist mill was followed by a mid-nineteenth-century woolen mill, a cotton mill and finally a tanning company, which heavily contaminated the site. The hydroelectric power plant was inactive from 1988 through 2017. Hoosic River Hydro, LLC, invested in the environmental cleanup of the site and re-commissioned this renewable energy resource on November 1, 2017. The plant is offsetting ~2,000 metric tons of CO2 annually equivalent to ~220 households in New England.

The high efficiency Kaplan turbine was developed and manufactured by WWS Wasserkraft.